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Purchase or lease an Infiniti vehicle: What to choose?

Purchase or lease an Infiniti vehicle: What to choose?
What to do, buy or rent your vehicle? Both offer advantages but also inconveniences; here are therefore some points to take into consideration to guide you.

Some swear by the purchase of a vehicle while others prefer leasing. Obviously, both have their advantages and disadvantages, that's for sure, but in the end, it's still a matter of personal choice. One point that everyone can agree on is the quality of Infiniti vehicles for sale in Montreal, near Pointe-Claire and Brossard on the South Shore.

At your Infiniti Spinelli dealership, our advisors are there to answer all your questions and determine with you which is the best choice, within your budget, your financing needs, and other criteria, such as the distance travelled annually or also the insurance premiums, which will be different depending on what you choose.

Here are some benefits related to the purchase: you can trade or change your vehicle as you see fit, travel anywhere outside Quebec, even for long periods, your payments will be lower for an upcoming car, you may have lower interest rates and of course, it belongs to you once the payments are completed.

The inconveniences of buying an Infiniti vehicle, for sale near Laval now are: higher monthly payments than for leasing, and a loss of money in case of bad resale value.

The advantages of the Infiniti leasing near Laval are that you can change your Infiniti car or your Infiniti SUV regularly, your payments are often lower than when you buy, the payment of taxes is divided or reduced, you can get a more expensive vehicle and you can even buy it back at the end of the leasing.

Let's now get to the disadvantages of an Infiniti leasing in Montreal: you pay for additional mileage, you pay penalties if you break your lease, it is more difficult to stay long outside Quebec, there is also the possibility of paying a fee at the end of the lease.

Whatever your decision, whether you choose a new Infiniti vehicle, for sale in Montreal, or a used Infiniti, or rent a QX30 SUV, a 2019 Q50 sedan or the 2018 Q60 Coupe, do not miss out on our current Infiniti promotions, which may apply to service or parts or purchase. Come and see one of our consultants right now at Spinelli Infiniti near Brossard on the South Shore.

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